In The Name Of Religion
Sinjar, Mosul, Iraq 16-11-2015: A view of a mosque in Sinjar city after succesfull operation by Peshmerga and coalition forces. Since Aug 2014 till Nov 2015 this city was occupied by ISIS. This strategic city placed at main rout between Mousel and Raqqa.
Sehela, Dohuk, Syria & Iraq border 18-08-2014: Kurdish Yezidi family after surviving from 8 days of being surrounded by ISIS and walking more than 35 kilometers in Syrian territories, just have been arrived to KRG border.
Telesskof, Mosul, Iraq 13-05-2015: Kamelia, Christian Old woman from Telesskof village is telling her story to NPF Christian forces. She was too old to leave the village when Daesh (ISIS) attacked the village and everyone left the area but she stays.
Zakho, Dohuk, Iraq 07-10-2014: A yazidi refugee in between other thousands of refugees in an unfinished construction field with his pillow, sleeps every night in a different place.
Sharia, Dohuk, Iraq 03-10-2014: Yazidi woman is living with her family in an unfinished structure of a building in Sharia city, She survived with her family from ISIS and ran to KRG.
Daqoq, Kirkuk, Iraq 11-09-2015: Injured Peshmerga forces carried back. While Peshmerga is offensive to Daqoq south of Kirkuk, ISIS used IDE`s to slows down their progress.
Bapir Village, Mosul dam, Iraq 04-10-2014: Some Kurdish Yezidi fighters after liberating of Bapir Village are walking in destroys holly places. ISIS exploded whole Yezidi sacred places in its territories.
Daqoq, Kirkuk, Iraq 23-10-2014: Some of PKK fighters are posing for foreigner photographers in misty weather of winter. They acted as support forces for Peshmerga in regions like Sinjar, Makhmour & Kirkuk.
Romilan, Al-Hassaka, Syria 8-11-2015: Family members of martyr Hwzan Direk are mourning over his coffin in his Funeral. Hwzan and his other 7 fellow comrades of YPG forces has been killed by suicide attacking of ISIS Jihadis in frontline.
Rabiaa, Mosul, Iraq 15-05-2014: A volunteer Yazidi Peshmerga is trying to call his family after liberating operation of Rabiaa in city’s unfinished hospital building.
Romilan, Al-Hassaka, Syria 8-11-2015: Mother of martyr Hwzan Direk is mourning over her son’s coffin. Hwzan and his other 7 fellow comrades of YPG forces has been killed by suicide attacking of ISIS Jihadis in frontline.
Ras Al-Ain Hospital, Al – Hasakah, Syria 11-12-2015: Christian boy hospitalized in Ras Al-Eyn after a suicide bombing in down town of Tel Tamar.
Sinjar, Mosul, Iraq 16-11-2015: Two Tel-Afarian suspects arrested by Peshmerga forces to send them back for further investigations over their identity and possible plans.
Sinjar, Mosul, Iraq 16-11-2015: Some of families from Qabousiye village who succeed to run from ISIS territories are handing over them self to Peshmerga forces.
Sinjar, Mosul, Iraq 06-10-2015: A view of mountain road of Mosul to Sinjar which is main exit road of city. During Aug 2014 ISIS mass murdered Yezidis who tried to ran from Sinjar mountain the only running gap.