Witnessing Hell
Al-Shirqat, Salah ad Din, Iraq, 8 DEC 2016: Darius Askari and Joshua Zatecka two american photographers, capturing people cross the Tigris river at Al-Shirgat (Sunni Arab town west of the Tigris) in a attempt to ee ISIS.
Oseja village, Qayyarah, Mosul, Iraq, 8 MAY 2016: A group of journalists covering an Iraqi sniper shooting at ISIS ghters during the operation to liberate the city of Qayyarah 60km south of Mosul.
Sinjar, Nineveh Province, Iraq: 16 NOV 2015: John Moore a senior staff photographer for Getty Images, is checking his camera next to two suspected ISIS members in handcuffs.
Bashiqa, Mosul District, Iraq: 7 DEC 2016: Yunus Keles Photographer of Anadolu Agency walking next to armored cars, covering the Peshmarga offensive to liberating the city of Bashiqa.
Batewa Hills, South west of Kirkuk, Iraq: 21 JUL 2016: Sara Manisera and Arianna Pagani two Italian journalist interviewing a member of PAK (Iranian Kurdistan Freedom Party) in a frontline position near the ISIS held town of Hawija.
Sinjar, Nineveh Province, Iraq: 16 NOV 2015: Fiore Olive a French Reporter covering the Sinjar offensive, is helping Peshmerga with frisking women fleeing ISIS held Ghabossiya village.
Emam Reza Village, Mosul District, Iraq: 20 OCT 2016: Victor Soehngen an american freelance photographer hiding with a group of Peshmarga Fighters behind a humvee armored car from incoming ISIS sniper.
Oseja village, Qayyarah, Mosul District, Iraq, 5 AUG 2016: Alex Kühni a Swiss photojournalist, inside Humvee covering the Fighting between Iraqi Army and ISIS during the offensive to liberate the city of Qayyarah.
Mesghalat Village, Teleskof, Mosul District, Iraq, 17 MAY 2016: Roger Waleson a photographer from the Netherlands, taking pictures of a Peshmerga commander accompanied by his guards visiting his bases at the frontline.
Mosul, Iraq: 12 NOV 2016: Magnum photographer Jerome Sessini covered in dust by a passing cokumn of Iraqi Special Forces armored cars.
Bashiqa, Mosul District, Iraq: 27 SEP 2016: Jon Gerberg a producer and Video journalist from the US TV cannel PBS, filming Peshmarga fighters on the frontline overlooking the ISIS held town of Bashiqa.
Teleskof, Mosul District, Iraq, 14 SEP 2015: A Peshmarga fighter is fitting a machine-gun belt for a joined photograp on Dr. Phil Johnson a researcher for Global Next.
Teleskof, Mosul District, Iraq, 4 NOV 2015: Joost Van Der Valk, a film director from the Netherlands, lifting a Peshmerga sniper rifle during a break from filming.
Teleskof, Mosul District, Iraq, 17 JUN 2015: Douglas Diaz, American photographer and researcher on a cigarette break with Peshmerga fighters on the frontline.
Lalesh, Dohuk, Iraq, 29 FEB 2016: Eleonora Giuliani Amesa an Italian reporter Showing photos from her mobile phone to an elderly Yazidi woman. The Yazidi woman serves as the door keeper at the Temple of Lalesh.
Dibaga Camp, Makhmour, Mosul District, Iraq: 30 SEP 2016: Jon Gerberg a producer and Video journalist for the american TV channel PBS is filming kids inside the Dibaga refugees Camp near the town of Makhmour.
Teleskof, Mosul District, Iraq, 17 APR 2015: Mags Gavan Producer and documentary Director, resting in the sun and waiting for lunch in a frontline position after a long morning of filming.
Bashiqa, Mosul District, Iraq: 8 AUG 2016: A group of journalists covering two American medics treating refugees who fled Mosul to arrive at the Peshmerga frontline.
Kawargosk Camp, Erbil, Iraq: 30 AUG 2013: After a long day of working Andy Spyra a German photographer is getting a haircut by a refugee barber at the open air Barber shop of the refugee camp.
Emam Reza Village, Bashiqa, Mosul District, Iraq: 20 OCT 2016: A selfie I took on the way to the hospital after i got wounded by an ISIS suicide car bomb, while covering the fighting between Kurdish Peshmerga and ISIS for Bashiqa City.